Here are thousands of reasons why I love you:

  1. The way you hug me when we first see each other
  2. The way you hug me at random times despite having spent the past 36 hours with you
  3. The way you bend backwards for me when I hug you (bc I'm taller than you)
  4. The way you touch my back up under my shirt
  5. How you let me squeeze your butt whenever I want
  6. Just riding in a car with you anywhere
  7. When you lean all the way across the car to hold my arm and lay on my shoulder
  8. The way you hate driving separately places
  9. Picking up dinner with you from multiple places
  10. Driving 40mins just to get Krispy Kreme donuts for me
  11. The way you kiss me
  12. The way you nuzzle against my chest
  13. The way you hold my hand
  14. The way you stand by my side in a crowded room/bar
  15. Waking up by your side
  16. Rubbing your back as you fall asleep at night
  17. The way you twitch in the middle of the night
  18. How I still, after 1045 times, insist on asking you if you're ok when you wake up in the middle of the night
  19. The way I worry about you and your safety
  20. How you look into my eyes
  21. How you can make my heart stop with a kiss
  22. How you make me take a deep breath with a kiss
  23. The way you squeeze my hand 3 times
  24. When you bring me food out of the blue
  25. The way you rub my back
  26. The way you stare at me as if I am the sexiest guy on the planet
  27. The way you look when I get all dressed up
  28. The smile you give after I'm done kissing you
  29. The way you act like a dork but make me laugh
  30. Your guilty smile
  31. The way you try things just b/c I am with you
  32. The way you're not embarrassed to say or do anything in front of me
  33. The look you make when you get jealous
  34. When I'm feeling the worst, you make me feel the happiest
  35. The rare times I get to hear you sing
  36. How you're the only one who thinks I'm NOT weird
  37. How you're the only one who gets my joke... and laughs
  38. The way we play stupid games, but you play anyways
  39. How I can never hate you
  40. How you love me like no other
  41. How you tell me long stories that have no meaning, but you know I'll listen anyway
  42. How you listen to me talk about stupid guy stuff I know you don't care about
  43. How you forgive me when I screw up
  44. How you hardly ever get mad at me
  45. The way you look after I say "I love you"
  46. The way you refuse to say "I love you 2" - it's just "I love you"
  47. The way you refuse to let me say "I love you more"
  48. The way you wiggle when you're nervous
  49. The way you giggle when I touch you
  50. The times alone with you
  51. The times in public with you
  52. The way you're not embarrassed to call me sweet things in front of anyone
  53. The way you call me in the car
  54. The way you always find a way to see me or talk to me
  55. How you put ME before you friends
  56. How you would do anything I say
  57. The way you get my attention
  58. The way I turn you on, with a simple kiss or touch
  59. How you can just speak your mind
  60. How you can diss parties to just stay home with me all night
  61. How we talk on the phone all night
  62. How we both get along so well
  63. The way we're so much alike!!
  64. How you make me feel when I think I'm nothing
  65. The way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions
  66. How you send me little "imu" texts at random times
  67. When you snuggle with me in the middle of the night
  68. The smell of your shampoo
  69. The sight/sound of your car pulling into my parking lot
  70. The way you hold my hand when we're walking
  71. How you lean towards me in the movie theater seats
  72. Every time you feed me something off your plate
  73. The way you lay with my on the couch
  74. The memories of us on vacation
  75. Sitting by a bonfire with you
  76. Rolling in the snow with you
  77. The trips to my parents
  78. How you have a pictures of me all over your room
  79. How you have a picture of me on your cell phone wallpaper
  80. When you have a picture of me and you as your FB profile pic
  81. How you touch my abs
  82. How you try to play sports with me
  83. How you cook
  84. How you bake
  85. How you leave me creative messages in my bed pillows/sheets
  86. How you get jealous over marks on my body
  87. How you like me when I smell of sweat
  88. How you finally pee in front of me without turning on the faucet
  89. How you want to show me off to friends and family
  90. How you plan our future together
  91. How you name our kids and let me name our boat
  92. When you talk about moving in with me
  93. How pinch me with your toes
  94. How you wash your hair in the bathtub
  95. How you sneeze
  96. How you laugh
  97. How you love
  98. I heart u
  99. Your smell
  100. Your sense of smell is awesome
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