We all know some remedy myths or old wives tales, but some of them have no effect on conditions, ailments, or illnesses of the human body. If you try any of these myths, you may run the risk of having an adverse reaction or the opposite result of what you would like to happen. So here are ten classic emergency fixes that definitely won’t do in a pinch:

  1. Sucking Venom From a Snakebite
  2. Peeing on a Jellyfish Sting
  3. Drinking Booze to Ease a Toothache
  4. Slathering Butter on a Burn
  5. Slapping a Raw Steak on a Black Eye
  6. Apply Peroxide to Cuts and Scrapes and Leave Open to Air
  7. People May Swallow Their Tongues During a Seizure
  8. If You Get a Bee Sting, You Must Squeeze Out the Stinger
  9. Throw Your Head Back to Stop a Nosebleed
  10. If You Get Shin Splints, Running More Will Ease Them