Here are 25 helpful tips for parents who want to optimize their kid's homework efficiency and effectiveness. These tips come from Schwab Learning, where you can go to get additional helpful information. From Schwab Learning Centers Materials

  1. Get organized. Keep homework supplies close at hand.
  2. Optimize the environment. Be flexible about your child's study place.
  3. Clear away clutter. Set aside everything not related to the task at hand.
  4. Use a planner. Use a homework planner to record assignments.
  5. Bookmark it. Save links to useful reference sites on the Internet.
  6. Build a library. A home reference library is an invaluable homework aid.
  7. Stick to a schedule. Schedule time for homework every day and stick to it.
  8. Ease into it. Avoid an abrupt transition from playtime to homework.
  9. Get off to a good start. Help your child get started with homework, then back off.
  10. Keep things in order. Tackle assingments in the best sequence for your child.
  11. Take time out. Set a timer to pace homework sessions.
  12. Plan for the long haul. Set intermediate goals for longterm projects.
  13. Ask leading questions. When your child hits a roadblock, ask questions that guide her to the answer.
  14. Be a role model. Use your child's homework time to do your own work.
  15. Stay positive. Let you own upbeat attitude toward learning rub off on your child.
  16. Let go of responsibility. Avoid rescuing your child from homework emergencies.
  17. Be an advisor. Be available for help as a consultant.
  18. Call in assistance. Recognize when outside help is required.
  19. Know when to call a halt. Sometimes you have to say enough is enough.
  20. Keep a homework history. File completed assignments for quick reference.
  21. Make the grade. Take the time to review your child's graded assignments.
  22. Reward progress. Give your child small rewards for reaching goals.
  23. Turn your child into a teacher. Encouraging your child to teach you gives him confidence.
  24. Keep it interesting. Tie homework to your child's interests whenever possible.
  25. Change the scenery. Try tackling homework in an unusual location.