The business card is compact, energy-efficient, low-cost, low-tech, and keeps working for you hours, weeks and even years after it leaves your hands. It is your most powerful business tool, so here are some suggestions for getting the most value out of those little pieces of paper (and if nothing else, if you have them with you, at least you might get a chance for a free lunch by dropping them in the fishbowl):

  1. Make Your Cards Accessible – Always have them with you. Don’t leave them at home and never run out.
  2. Seek Business Card Exchanges – find opportunities in meetings, at trade shows or conventions to pass them out.
  3. Cards Go the Distance – If you are communicating with someone in writing, include a card.
  4. Be Creative – write something on your card as you leave it behind. And find creative ways to leave your message. Pay the toll for the person behind you on the highway and leave a card for them.