No, not your imaginary play friend who entertained you when you were 6 and not your supermodel girlfriend. These are "real" imaginary people.

  1. <B>Marlboro Man</B> - Tobacco-advertising, rugged cowboy. First word being most influential, "Tobacco."
  2. <B>Big Brother</B> - Telescreen image of a dictator of Oceania in Orwell's <I>Nineteen Eighty-Four</I>
  3. <B>King Arthur</B> - If possible, he sat at the head of the Knight's Round Table
  4. <B>Santa Claus (St. Nick)</B> - Single-handedly straightens out every kid in the world
  5. <B>Hamlet</B> - "To be, or not to be..."
  6. <B>Dr. Frankenstein's Monster</B> - A symbol for science experiments gone bad and physical brutes
  7. <B>Siegfried</B> - Legendary dragon-slayer
  8. <B>Sherlock Holmes</B> -Infamous, deductive detective. No sh**, Sherlock!
  9. <B>Romeo and Juliet</B> - Shakespeare created this couple, the epitome of "love"
  10. <B>Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde</B> - One-man, two completely opposite personalities
  11. <B>Uncle Tom</B> - Harriet Beecher Stowe's creation that, according to Abraham Lincoln, started the Civil War
  12. <B>Robin Hood</B> - "Take from the rich to give to the poor."
  13. <B>Jim Crow</B> - "Seperate but equal" law named after him
  14. <B>Oedipus</B> - Mythical Greek king who killed his father and married his mother
  15. <B>Lady Chatterly</B> - A novel title character from the 1920s who was a cheating wife of paralyzed and impotent wealthy husband. Jerry Springer?
  16. <B>Ebenezer Scrooge</B> - Ultimate Christmas attitude adjustment. "Bah, Humbug!"
  17. <B>Don Quixote</B> - "Of which name I do not care to recall." Groundbreaking chivalric character who is responsible for much of Spanish culture.
  18. <B>Mickey Mouse</B> - Icon of the Walt Disney Company.
  19. <B>The American Cowboy</B> - Still how many foreigners picture Americans
  20. <B>Prince Charming</B> - The perfect man who saves the damsel in many fairy tales. Happily ever after!
  21. <B>Smokey Bear</B> - American mascot bear for forest fire safety
  22. <B>Robinson Crusoe</B> - Original castaway. Would be a millionaire today if casted for CBS' hit reality show Survivor.
  23. <B>Apollo and Dionysus</B> - Greek gods and brothers of truth and harmony (etc.), and wine and ecstacy, respectively.
  24. <B>Odyesseus</B> - The hero of Homer's epic works about his long journey home from the Trojan War
  25. <B>Nora Helmer</B> - A great and fantastic woman hiding under the facade of "the ideal 19th century woman" in Ibsen''s book <I>A Doll House</I>
  26. <B>Cinderella</B> - Classic, opressed girl breaking out of her shell and finding a magical world filled of love.
  27. <B>Shylock</B> - From Shakespeare's <I>Merchant of Venice</I>. Name has become synonymous with money (esp. the lending of money).
  28. <B>Rosie the Riveter</B> - Icon of female culture who worked in munitions manufacturer's factorys during WWII.
  29. <B>Midas</B> - Turned everything he touched into gold.
  30. <B>Hester Prynne</B> - Condemned protagonist from Hawthorne's <I>The Scarlet Letter</I>
  31. <B>The Little Engine that Could</B> - Train from the moralistic children's story that teaches kids about the value of optimism.
  32. <B>Archie Bunker</B> - Stereotypical American family man and blue collar worker from TV show <I>All in the Family</I>
  33. <B>Dracula</B> - Reinvented the image of vampires.
  34. <B>Alice in Wonderland</B> - The little girl who fell "down the rabbit-hole" into a wonderful world of fantasy.
  35. <B>Citizen Kane</B> - A publisher who thrives on power, thrill-seeking and war. "Rosebud."
  36. <B>Faust</B> - The man who makes a deal with the Devil.
  37. <B>Figaro</B> - Comedic central character in many old and new stories.
  38. <B>Godzilla</B> - Giant Japanese movie monster that set the stage for epic monsters.
  39. <B>Mary Richards</B> - The title TV character from <I>The Mary Tyker Moore Show</I> that "could turn the world on with her smile."
  40. <B>Don Juan</B> - Legendary libertine whose name is synonymous with "womanizer."
  41. <B>Bambi</B> - The young deer prince of the forest and original story of the cycle of life.
  42. <B>William Tell</B> - Famous bow-and-arrow marksman who shot the apple on the the top of his sons head.
  43. <B>Barbie</B> - Every little girl in America has this doll and every man wants a real life version.
  44. <B>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</B> - Woman vampire slayer (who proved that smaller TV networks could receive large ratings).
  45. <B>Venus and Cupid</B> - The gods of beauty and love.
  46. <B>Prometheus</B> - Titan that stole fire from the gods whose name is synonymous with "bold intellect."
  47. <B>Pandora</B> - Woman in Greek mythology that explains why there is evil in the world.
  48. <B>G. I. Joe</B> - Every little boy in America had this action figure and helped the U.S. Armed Forces become what it has today.
  49. <B>Tarzan</B> - The man raised by the animals. Described as a flawless hero.
  50. <B>Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock</B> - Along with Star Wars, Star Trek brought SciFi into the popularity it receives today.
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