Business owners and managers can take their companies to a new level of success by using new technology to develop a deeper bond with customers. Podcasts, blogs, mp3 audio, web video, a company's website -- all should be used to create a two-way relationship with the public. Ken Gullette, media relations coach, has five creative ideas to use the "new" media for your business and career success.

  1. Produce video commercials or business features for your website.
  2. Produce an e-book or e-pamphlet of valuable tips and offer it free on your website.
  3. Start a blog that allows customers to ask questions and comment on your company, products, or services.
  4. If you have a news release, record short "sound bites" and create mp3 files. Email those files to area radio stations that do local news.
  5. Produce podcasts featuring experts in your company, each week offering another valuable piece of advice for customers. Put the podcasts on your website and email the link to customers.
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