Spend some quality time with your children and check out some of these great Phoenix activities:

  1. Take a day trip to Sedona and spend the day with your kids at a Vortex. Be sure to wear a pyramid hat!
  2. McCormick Railroad Park, on Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend in Scottsdale. Great park for small and medium kids, with real railroads to ride on and lots of play areas.
  3. Arizona Science Center, in downtown Phoenix. One of the best hands-on science museums for all ages of kids.
  4. Rawhide, just south of Phoenix on I-10. A spruced-up old west town with lots of reenactments of old west activities and great western experiences for all ages of kids.
  5. Scottsdale Drive-in, on McClintock and McKellips Drive in south Scottsdale. One of the few drive-in theaters left around, give your kids an experience you used to get on a regular basis. And with AZ weather, it is almost always a great time to park and watch after sunset.
  6. Scottsdale Main Public Library, in downtown Scottsdale. This is one of the best equipped public libraries in the West, with an outstanding children's and teen library. A family could easily spend hours here, and it is totally free.