This 5 step joint rolling methodolgy has remained largely unchanged since the late 50's.. Notice no use of album cover....

  1. <b>Load it</b>: Start with the rolling paper with the sticky side up. Load it about 1/3 the way from the other end of sticky side. Keep in mind that loading too little smoke will result in a bad draw while loading too much will prevent the joint from closing properly.
  2. <b>Shape it</b>: Carefully shape the joint by rolling it back and forth until the weed in the rolling paper is evenly dispersed and cylindrical in shape.
  3. <b>Roll it</b>: Roll the bottom end of the paper up and tuck it over the top of the weed while pulling end to end (to ensure tightness). Continue to roll the paper from the bottom up until only the sticky strip is showing.
  4. <b>Lick it</b>: Lick the sticky strip of the paper and seal the joint. In fact I find it best to put the moisten the whole joint in your mouth. then lightly twist both ends of the joint so that weed isn't sucked into your mouth as you inhale.
  5. <b>Spark it</b>: Hold the joint in your mouth and spark it up. If the joint has trouble igniting, give it a few puffs and so the flame will be sucked up through the spiff.