It used to be anywhere they were passing out stock options. After the bubble burst, the lucky computer geeks work here.

  1. Quicken Loans Inc. - The Morgage refinance boom was good for everybody.
  2. University of Miami - The 'Canes are about more than football.
  3. The Capital Group Cos. - Managing manage the investments of individuals and large institutions through mutual.
  4. American Fidelity Assurance Co. - Family owned seller of insurance products and financial services to education employees and trade association members.
  5. Grant Thornton LLP - One of the six global accounting, tax and business advisory organizations.
  6. SAS Institute Inc. - Making businesses smarter.
  7. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. -Take a cruise to the Carribean.The Mitre Corp. - R&D for the DOD, FAA & the IRS.
  8. University of Pennsylvania - Benjamin Franklin invemted the lightning rod and founded Penn.
  9. General Mills Inc. - Betty Crocker, the Green Giant and the Pilsbury Dough Boy.
  10. Mount Carmel Health System - Catholic-based central Ohio healthcare provider.
  11. FedEx Corp. - Absolutely, Positively.
  12. Securian Financial Group Inc. - Providing financial security to individuals and businesses for 125 years.
  13. American Century Investments - Helping people make money and keep it.
  14. Northwestern Mutual - The "Quiet Converation" Insurance folks.
  15. Hilton Hotels Corp. - And you'll see Paris at the company picnic.
  16. USAA - Insurance for military families.
  17. Verizon Wireless - Can you hear me now?
  18. Marriott International Inc. - Get a good night's sleep & get work done, too.
  19. Philip Morris USA Inc. - Maker of smokes and other consumer products especially products intended for adults.