Each year, there are about 900 bicycle-related deaths in the United States and another half a million bicycle-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms Along with using safety equipment, rider actions and reactions play a major role in contributing to injury-free cycling enjoyment. CPSC is offering consumers these additional safety tips to help ensure safe summer cycling.

  1. Protect your head...Wear a helmet.
  2. See and be seen...Wear bright fluorescent colors during the day.
  3. Avoid biking at night...If riding at night, equip your bicycle with head and tail lights and wear reflective clothing.
  4. Stay alert...Keep a lookout for obstacles in your path.
  5. Go with the flow...Ride with traffic.
  6. Check for traffic...Be aware of traffic around you.
  7. Learn the rules of the road...Obey traffic laws.
  8. Assure bicycle readiness...Is your bicycle properly adjusted?
  9. Check brakes before riding.
  10. Check your wheels..."Quick release" wheels should be securely fastened.