Useful information to help you safely remove and replace a lightbulb.

  1. Turn the light switch to the "on" position. If the bulb fails to illuminate, chances are you have a bad bulb. Make sure to move the switch back to the "off" position prior to the replacement of the bulb. Failure to do so could result in temporary loss of vision.
  2. Assess your plan of action for accessing the bad bulb. If the bulb resides in an overhead fixture, a step ladder may be required (getting a boost is not a safe alternative to a step ladder).
  3. Once you have successfully removed the bad bulb, give it a shake. If you hear a little rattly noise, the bulb is indeed bad (yes, this is the "official, how to tell if a bulb is bad" technique).
  4. Replace the bad bulb with a fresh one by slowly twisting the threaded end clockwise (righty tighty, lefty loosey) until snug.
  5. After the new bulb is in place and your feet are back safe on the ground, give the corresponding switch a flip, sit back and revel in your handiness.