Clean your living room with these easy to use instructions.

  1. Gather your cleaning supplies. You’ll need glass and hard surface cleaner, furniture polish/cleaner, duster, step ladder, disinfectant wipes, long-handled broom, washcloths, vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, spot stain remover and disinfectant floor cleaner for uncarpeted area.
  2. Climb on the step ladder with a long-handled broom and clean the corners and ceiling. Also clean the ceiling fan.
  3. Dust all the surfaces including electronics, entertainment center, books and bookshelves, blinds, picture frames and photographs, windowsills and ledges, and tops of door frames.
  4. Use a long brush to remove cobwebs from the corners of the walls.
  5. Wipe glass and hard surfaces such as window panes, tabletops and frames with cleaner meant for that purpose. Use a non-abrasive cleaner.
  6. Replace the light bulbs if they are broken. Wipe the lamp accents with a damp cloth.
  7. Gently wipe the furniture with a mild furniture polish. Wipe the area with a dry cloth. Work on a small area at a time.
  8. Use disinfecting wipes to clean phones, switch plates and door knobs.
  9. Use specific cleaner to polish metal surfaces such as brass sculptures, chrome picture frames or silver artifacts. You can also use Worcestershire sauce or tamarind (available in Asian grocery stores) water to clean brass and baking soda to clean chrome.
  10. Move the furniture around and vacuum the area thoroughly.
  11. Vacuum the upholstery including sofa, couches and cushions. Vacuum the rugs and carpet.
  12. Use spot stain remover to get rid of tough stains from the carpet or rug.
  13. Mop the uncarpeted area with a floor disinfectant.
  14. Organize the living room by rearranging objects on shelves and side tables.
  15. Organize the entertainment center. For cleaning the entertainment center, go through related e-how.
  16. Throw away old newspapers and magazines.