After reviewing medical studies from the past 50 years on why people are living longer, the New Scientist magazine came up with the following “commandments” or suggestions or ideas that will allow you to have a happier and healthier life and maybe actually make it to the big 1-0-0:

  1. enjoy yourself – get that sunburn, drink that beer…things that are bad for you could actually be good
  2. remain sociable with a happy marriage and a good family life, lots of friends or some great pets
  3. Where you live matters – what outside influences such as water or air quality could detract from the end goal?
  4. drinking alcohol, eating chocolate or having a little of what you like is good for you – embracing a vice, within reason, can be your friend
  5. exercise your brain (and your body) – keep on learning
  6. see the doctor when you are sick - don’t wait
  7. eat healthy and eat less overall
  8. take risks – keep your mind sharp
  9. smile and feeling happy with who and what you are – optimism helps