All synthetic textiles are used primarily in the production of clothing. These include:

  1. Polyester fiber is used in all types of clothing, either alone or blended with fibres such as cotton.
  2. Acrylic is a fibre used to imitate wools, including cashmere, and is often used in replacement of them.
  3. Nylon is a fibre used to imitate silk and is tight-fitting; it is used in the production of pantyhose.
  4. Lycra, spandex, and tactel are fibres that stretch easily and are also tight-fitting, and are used to make activewear, bras, and swimsuits.
  5. Olefin fiber is a thermal fiber used in activewear, linings, and warm clothing.
  6. Lurex is a metallic fiber used in clothing embellishment.
  7. Ingeo is a fiber blended with other fibres such as cotton and used in clothing. It is prized for its ability to wick away perspiration.