These are ways to decorate and make your kitchen stylish.

  1. Country Style - Often called Early American or Colonial as it is designed to create a lovely quaint farm style kitchen. Often such kitchens will feature open shelves, pot racks and have the feeling of it being well lived in. Such kitchens are usually accented by the various colour schemes relating to the actual cabinetry of the units.
  2. Contemporary - More and more often this style is being used because of its clean and simple lines. Often the cabinets are quite futuristic looking have no carvings or ornate features on them. With this style of kitchen the emphasis is put more on style and practical sophistication rather than beauty and that warm lived in feel.
  3. Shaker - A simple and utilitarian style of kitchen that has flat panel doors, wooden countertops and brass handles (hardware).
  4. French Country - Such kitchen designs based on this style are warm and inviting with lots of wood and soft colours being used. Not only do natural materials feature heavily in this style of kitchen, but you will find that the furniture used is large and rather ornate.
  5. Arts and Crafts - Yet again another style of kitchen decoration which is becoming more popular because of the use of feature glass doors and natural wood tones which are finished off in a matt sheen effect. Certainly with this style of kitchen decoration there is the chance for you to be a little bit more artistic and creative in the design.