Transient tic disorder is characterized by single or multiple motor tics, which are brief, repetitive, difficult-to-control movements and/or vocalizations that often resemble nervous mannerisms.

  1. Movements are recurrent and nonrhythmic
  2. Patients experience an overwhelming inner urge to make the movement
  3. Movements are most often brief and jerky and include the following:
  4. Blinking
  5. Raising eyebrows
  6. Nostrils flaring
  7. Grimacing
  8. Opening the mouth
  9. Sticking out the tongue
  10. Shrugging shoulders
  11. Jerking arms
  12. Clenching the fists
  13. Kicking
  14. Curling of the toes
  15. Vocalizations, such as grunts, sniffing, throat clearing, squealing, snorting, clicking, hissing, or moaning may also occur.