Women of Disney who overshadow many of their Princess counterparts. They used intelligence, courage, heart and soul to overcome obstacles that make even the nobelest of royalty bow with respect. Did we leave anyone out? Add your choices here.

  1. Belle - No handsome Prince in her life, she had to deal with a beast!
  2. Mulan - A true warrior and hero!
  3. Pocahontas - A hero who won the day with bravery and love
  4. Alice (in Wonderland) - "I'm late, I'm late", but certainly made the date - with history!
  5. Clarabelle the Cow - Mooove over Princesses
  6. Tinkerbelle - She may be small in stature and precosious at heart, but there is no underestimating the huge in impact on Neverland!