Not a good day to be a king! The following is a list of notable world figures who died on February 26.

  1. 1266 - King Manfred of Sicily who died in battle with the rest of his men.
  2. 1577 - King Eric XIV of Sweden who was known for being insane and dying in prison from a cup of poisoned pea soup
  3. 1813 - Robert Livingston, signed Declaration of Independence
  4. 1903 - Richard Gatling, inventor of the Gatling gun (died of natural causes although many who came across his product didn't)
  5. 1961 - King Mohammed V of Morocco
  6. 1993 - Constance Ford, star of 'Another World' and TV appearances on a guest on some of 1960's greatest shows
  7. 1994 - Bill Hicks, American comedian and one the 100 greatest stand up comedians of all time.
  8. 1997 - David Doyle, Bosley from 1970's TV hit 'Charlie's Angels'
  9. 2002 - Lawrence Tierney, played Joe Cabot in 'Resevoir Dogs.'
  10. 2005 - Jef Raskin, who helped start the Macintosh project for Apple.