Useful information to fix the washing machine that moves across your floor.

  1. Tilt the machine forward so the back feet are 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm) off the ground, then set it back down. The back feet usually are self-leveling--just raising and lowering the machine like this will cause the feet to re-level themselves.
  2. Place a sturdy 2-by-4 wood block under the center of the washer to prop it up so you can access the front feet. You might have to move the washer out from the wall so that you can tilt it up enough to install the block.
  3. Loosen the locknut on each foot, using an adjustable wrench. Once the locknuts are loose, you can adjust the feet.
  4. Remove the wood block, and if you moved the washer, set it back into position against the wall.
  5. Place a carpenter's level across the front of the washer and check to see if the machine is level side to side. If it isn't, use adjustable pliers to rotate one front foot or the other until the washer is level.
  6. Place your level perpendicular to the front of the machine and check to see if the washer is level in this direction. If it is off, readjust each front foot by the same number of turns until you reach level.
  7. Put the washer back on the wood block and retighten the locknuts, then if necessary, push it back against the wall.