List and details about various Garden Tools

  1. Spade - The word in Old English is spaedu, cognate forms being Dutch. A spade is your basic digging implement; use it to make holes and to dig sandy or loamy soil.
  2. Fork - Perfect for digging soil that’s stodgy, such as clay, or full of stones; moving and spreading organic matter; and breaking down clods of soil. Forks used to be made of wood but are now made or carbon steel or stainless steel.
  3. Hoe - The hoe is a hand tool used in farming and gardening. It has a blade, usually made of metal such as iron, steel or aluminum, attached to a long handle, usually of wood.
  4. Rake - A rake is an agricultural and horticultural implement consisting of a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle, and used for the collection of leaves, cut hay and grass, etc., and, in gardening, for loosening the soil, light weeding and levelling, and generally for purposes performed in agriculture by the harrow.
  5. Trowel - In gardening, a trowel is a tool with a pointed, scoop-shaped metal blade and a handle. It is used for breaking up earth and for digging small holes, especially for planting and weeding.
  6. Watering can - It is used for watering and applying liquid fertilisers/weedkillers - It is easy to fill and comfortable to hold.
  7. Secateurs - Secateurs, also called hand pruners or pruning shears, are a type of scissors for use with plants. They are strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs, sometimes up to two centimetres thick. They are used in gardening and flower arranging, and in nature conservation where fine-scale habitat management is required.
  8. Chainsaw - A chainsaw is a portable mechanical, motorized saw. It is most commonly used in logging activities such as felling, delimbing, and bucking; by tree surgeons to fell trees and remove branches and foliage; to fell snags and assist in cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and to harvest firewood.
  9. Garden hose - A garden hose or hosepipe is a kind of hose which is used for watering plants in a garden or a lawn. There are a number of common attachments available for the end of the hose, such as sprayers and sprinklers (which are used to concentrate water at one point or over a large area). Hoses are usually attached to a hose spigot (tap).