These are the hardest teams in sports to be a fan of and support annually.

  1. Chicago Cubs: <i>Year after year the Cubs continue to defy the odds as underachievers and losers despite their large following and cash flow. Now that the Red Sox have won a World Series, the Cubs are the only remaining cursed franchise in baseball.</i>
  2. Cleveland Browns: <i>The Cubs may be a cursed franchise, but Cleveland is a cursed city, having not won a professional championship since 1964. The Browns since their return in 1999 have been dreadful to watch and support, leaving Cleveland fans to wonder when are they are they ever going to see a championship again?</i>
  3. Detroit Lions:<i>Lions fans have suffered through many dreadful seasons, but the most telling statistic of this sorry franchise is the fact that they only have one playoff win in 50 years! Under the Matt Millen regime, the lions are like your best friends Fantasy team in Madden, drafting all the skill positions with 99 speed. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel in Calvin Johnson?</i>
  4. Kansas City Royals
  5. Arizona Cardinals
  6. Golden State Warriors
  7. Montreal Expos
  8. Buffalo Bills
  9. Denver Nuggets
  10. Boston Red Sox
  11. Milwaukee Brewers
  12. Chicago Blackhawks
  13. Memphis Grizzlies
  14. Minnesota Vikings
  15. Washington Wizards
  16. Cincinnati Bengals
  17. Philadelphia Eagles
  18. Chicago Bulls
  19. Philadelphia Phillies
  20. New York Knicks
  21. Cleveland Cavaliers
  22. Texas Rangers
  23. New Orleans Saints
  24. Boston Bruins
  25. Atlanta Falcons
  26. Cincinnati Reds
  27. Charlotte Hornets
  28. San Diego Chargers
  29. Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers
  30. Seattle Seahawks
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  32. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  33. Pittsburgh Pirates
  34. Baltimore Orioles
  35. Dallas Cowboys
  36. New York Islanders
  37. Washington Redskins
  38. New York Jets