Hotels are usually protected by up to date fire prevention devices and alarm systems. Please make yourself aware of emergency procedures listed here to further enhance your safety and security. Your Best Defense Against a Fire is to Plan Ahead.

  1. Locate two exits nearest your room. Be sure they are unlocked and unblocked. Then count the doors between your room and exits so you'll have a reference point if it's smoky or dark.
  2. When you hear an alarm, ACT, don't simply investigate.
  3. If the fire is in your room, get out and close the door. Alert your neighbors. Once out, report the fire.
  4. If the fire is not in your room, leave if you can. First, feel the door. If it is cool, open it slowly and go to the nearest exit. Crawl if there is smoke. Fresher air will be at the floor. Take your keys so you can go back if you can't use the exits.
  5. NEVER USE ELEVATORS DURING A FIRE. They could stop at the fire floor.
  6. If your door is hot, don't open it.Your room may be the safest place to be. Seal all cracks with wet towels. Shut off fans and air conditioners. Signal from your window. Call the fire department and wait to be rescued.