Some changes in daily habits might be the key to living longer and feeling better. Here is a list of items you should consider:

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Drink in moderation.
  3. Get your rest – every night.
  4. Setup an eating plan that is right for you
  5. Cut saturated fat out of your diet
  6. Increase the omega-3 fats – they are the good ones
  7. Eat more complex carbs – whole grains
  8. Think about decreasing your food intake
  9. Eat more meals in the day – but smaller to keep your metabolism going
  10. Have your doctor put together a vitamin/mineral/supplement routine for you – and follow it
  11. Change what you think of as old age. You are only as old as you think…so start thinking young!
  12. Keep you mind active – daily. Puzzles, books and conversation provide some wonderful stimulation.
  13. Remove stress and guilt from your life. Forget your regrets.
  14. Make changes, yes, even big ones. Even though big changes can bring some stress you are never too old to: move, get married, change careers, run away, etc.
  15. Don’t stop. Retirement these days is really another word for changing the way your are living and working…but you keep living and working.