Every year around the middle of November we start thinking about how we want to decorate our Christmas Tree(s). Yes, I say trees because we have a number of them. Big and small...all with lights and all decorated with themes. Here are some of our favorite ideas...maybe you can think of others.

  1. Your favorite team - We are Buckeye fans so of course we have an OSU tree, but anything supporting your favorite team is fun.
  2. Sports related - My husband is into golf, so this year we have a golf tree. Maybe next year we'll do a tennis tree for me!
  3. Special ornaments - I have collected silver ornaments for years and now have a tree dedicated just to these shiny ornaments (that also have to be cleaned every year...think twice about this one)
  4. Children's Characters - pick a theme of your favorite children's character, perhaps Winnie the Pooh?