easy instructions to help you with installing Sheet Vinyl Floor

  1. Roll out the sheet vinyl, face up, in a wide, open area.
  2. Orient the vinyl in the same direction as the space it's going to cover.
  3. Using a tape measure and ruler, mark the floor's dimensions on the sheet vinyl with a nonpermanent felt-tip marker. It's a good idea to leave an inch or two extra on your measurements and then trim to fit exactly once the vinyl is in place.
  4. Double-check your measurements.
  5. Cut the sheet vinyl to the shape of the floor using a straightedge and a flooring knife. Take your time on this phase. Small mistakes along the edges can be covered with trim, but a major blunder can be costly.
  6. Wipe off the felt pen markings with a wet sponge.
  7. Re-roll the vinyl, making sure the back side is clean as you roll.
  8. Carry the vinyl to the place you're going to lay the new floor.