Packing smart and light is even more important today as airlines crack down on carry-ons and luggage. Here is some helpful tips on how to bring only the essentials.

  1. If you're not going to wear it more than three times, don't pack it!
  2. Shop selectively: It's worth it to get just the right clothes for your trip.
  3. Tops: Two or three T-shirts, one or two short-sleeved blouses, and one or two long-sleeved shirts.
  4. Pants and shorts: Dark-colors don't show dirt or wrinkles. One pair is probably enough, Few European women wear shorts.
  5. Skirts: They're as cool and breathable as shorts and can easily be dressed up or down.
  6. Shoes: Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes. For a second pair, consider sandals or Tevas in summer, or dark leather flats in Winter.
  7. Socks, underwear & PJs: You won’t be stylish wearing walking shoes and white socks, but comfort's more important. Microfiber underwear dries faster. Sports bras double as hiking tops. PJ bottoms & a T-shirt will get you modestly to the bathroom.
  8. Jacket: Neutral colors look more European than bright colors.
  9. Accessorize, accessorize: Scarves dress up your outfit, are lightweight and easy to pack. Remember that your most important accessory is your hidden money belt.