Bats emit a clicking sound from their nose and they use their ears to detect the reflection of those sounds from objects in their path. Although all bats use these pulses of ultrasound to detect and capture prey the different kinds of bats have variations on their nose and ears that determines how effective they can be. Here’s a list of the different kinds of bats:

  1. Trident bat
  2. Whiskered bat
  3. Long-eared bat
  4. Lesser bare-backed Fruit bat
  5. Tent-building bat
  6. Gambian Epauletted Fruit bat
  7. Hammer-headed Fruit bat
  8. Gray-headed Flying Fox
  9. Egyptian Fruit bat
  10. Indian Flying Fox
  11. Vampire bat
  12. African Yellow-Winged bat
  13. Spotted bat
  14. Horseshoe bat
  15. Greater Bulldog bat
  16. Honduran White bat
  17. Wrinkle-faced bat
  18. Sword-nosed bat