Not that they don’t like you – they just don’t want to see you anytime soon. Lawnmowers can cut and crush multiple fingers with injury to the bones, joints, tendons, nerves, arteries, veins, and skin causing severe damage to the hands. The American Society for Surgery of the Hand encourages individuals that are going to be mowing lawns to review the following safety tips:

  1. Read the operator’s manual carefully prior to using the machine.
  2. Never put your hand or fingers near the moving parts or intake or output areas of lawnmowers. If there is an object in the way of any part of the machine, the machine should be turned off before attempting to remove the object.
  3. Objects should be removed with a tool and not the hand or fingers.
  4. Proper hand and footwear should be used; non-slip, non-open toe shoes should be worn. Protective gloves can give some protection, but the force from the machine can still cause extensive damage despite the gloves.
  5. Clear the lawn of debris, such as rocks, sticks, toys and other objects. Objects picked up and hurled by the blade can cause injuries.
  6. Inspect the lawnmower to ensure all protective devices are in place before starting the machine. These safeguards were put in place for the users’ protection and will prevent injuries.
  7. Do not fill the gasoline tank while the engine is running. Allow the machine to cool, fill it with fuel outdoors and wipe up spills.
  8. Set the blade with the machine off and spark-plugs removed/disconnected.
  9. Children and pets should not be permitted in the mowing area. The machine can pick up and throw objects.
  10. Don't operate a mower when your reflexes are impaired by a substance.