Many states have searched for links as to the cause of child-abuse deaths. Many believe that substance abuse by the parent or caregiver has been a leading contributor to the increase in the number of child fatalities. Here are some other explanations. Know any more?

  1. a crisis in the home
  2. economic stress due to unemployment
  3. unrealistic expectations of the child
  4. social isolation
  5. history of substance abuse
  6. history of the parents having been abused as children
  7. frustration is the number one cause of child abuse in infants under the age of five months.
  8. financial peril often instigates frustration and stress in many families.
  9. parental inexperience: first time parents, especially single parents, are usually stressed over job responsibilities and management of their expenses.
  10. children with "difficult" behavior are very likely to elicit abuse from their parents.