The way people live their lives can have a great impact on the environment. Every action a person takes has the potential to cause great harm to the environment. By remaining aware of your actions and how they might effect the environment will help reduce the potential impact of daily living.

  1. Whenever possible, purchase items in bulk.
  2. Buy used items and equipment if they will do the job as well as new items. Used items cost less and conserve the energy and raw materials used in making new products.
  3. Rather than throwing away a disposable razor every few shaves, invest in a quality razor and change the blade, or use an electric one.
  4. Invest in a wicker or rubber-like laundry basket that will last for years.
  5. Purchase items like washers, dryers, computers, etc. that have a good warranty. This will allow for repairs to be made rather than having to replace them.
  6. Buy latex or water-based paints, and donate any leftovers to theater groups or schools.
  7. Purchase a mulching lawn mower, or buy mulching attachments for your current mower. Grass clippings will work their way back into the soil as a natural fertilizer.Return to Top of Page