It seems to me like they just aren't teaching math the way they used to "when I went to school" and they aren't expecting kids to know things because we all have calculators...right? Well, I think there are a few things you better know as a kid and therefore as an adult or you will look like an idiot.

  1. Addition - better be able to add things into the millions and also better be able to add a bunch of different numbers together. What happens if you get a 1 lb bag of M&Ms and they say that there are at least 200 M&Ms per bag. Separate the M&Ms by color, then start adding them up.
  2. Subtraction - Even more important that adding because if something is being taken away, you want to make sure that it is the right something.
  3. Multiplication - Everyone should know the times tables from 1X1 to 12X12 like the back of their hand (and I don't mean counting with your fingers)
  4. Division - If you don't learn about division, how are you going to divide up that 1 lb bag of M&Ms properly?
  5. Weights - Does that 4 lb bag of cat food really have 4 lbs in it? What about a lb of butter?
  6. Measurements - If you ever want to bake in your life you better know the difference between T and t and cups and oz.
  7. Currency - This would seem obvious, but I can't believe how many times I go to a store and get back more than I should. Good for me, bad for you Mr. Store Owner. And how will you know if you are paying your "fair share" when you go out to dinner with 6 friends and they automatically add in the tip if you haven't figured out the whole currency thing.