The following tips are designed to help you acquire and use helpful information on potential employers using the Internet as part of your job search. These include:

  1. With the growing popularity of the Internet, a wide verity of career information has become easily accessible.
  2. Many online resources include job listings, résumé posting services, and information on job fairs, training, and local wages.
  3. Many of the resources listed elsewhere in this section have Internet sites that include valuable information on potential careers.
  4. Since no single source contains all information on an occupation, field, or employer, you will likely need to use a variety of sources.
  5. When using Internet resources, be sure that the organization is a credible, established source of information on the particular occupation.
  6. Individual companies may include job listings on their Web sites, and may include information about required credentials, wages and benefits, and the job’s location.
  7. Contact information, such as whom to call or where to send a résumé, is typically included.
  8. Some sources exist primarily as a Web service. These services often have information on specific jobs, and can greatly aid in the job hunting process.
  9. Some commercial sites offer these services, as do Federal, State, and some local governments.