One of my favorite restuarants is Bob Evans. Bob Evans is mostly on the eastern coast. Started a long time ago in Gallipolis Ohio, there are over 400 today. Bob Evans has mostly good country cooking, not as country as Cracker Barrell but good home cooking style. I like their breakfasts the best. The Homestead Breakfast is super. It includes:

  1. Sausage or Bacon (links or patties) I like links or very very crispy bacon
  2. Eggs (two any style) I prefer overeasy, and I like to get 3
  3. Hashbrowns or Grits (their grits are good, ask for extra butter)
  4. Sausage Gravy (Big ole bowl full. Best item on menu! Best Gravy in US. I know a guy who eats so much of this stuff he sweats gravy!
  5. Juice (tomato)
  6. Coffee (not the best part of the meal they could do better, like put gravy in the cup instead)