These are some natural and organic treatments for bone cancer.

  1. A new diagnosis of cancer can be a shock, making you feel out of control and overwhelmed. Recalling anecdotal cancer stories can provide a general idea about cancer, but may lead to misconceptions about your own specific disease.
  2. If you have been newly diagnosed with cancer, an investigative approach will help to dispel misconceptions and empower you with knowledge that will facilitate your journey for care and treatment.
  3. Get the facts straight, find out what results you can expect from treatment, determine your responsibility as a patient and understand your medical team’s role.
  4. Once the stage of your disease has been determined, it is important to understand the results you can expect from treatment. This can be the hardest part of a new diagnosis, but is critical in defining your quest for optimal treatment.
  5. Treatment can range from curative to non-curative. For example, the treatment of most early stage cancers (stage I) may be curative or mostly curative, while many later stage diseases may have treatment that is statistically non-curative.