There are few Homeopathic Medicine & Treatment for Scarlet Fever.

  1. Belladonna. [Bell]
  2. this remedy corresponds to the asthenic type, with a bright red rosy hue to the skin,a bright red throat, pain in the epigastrium, the strawberry tongue and the glandular swellings.
  3. Bryonia. [Bry]
  4. Bryonia is a remedy often of great value. When we recall its headache, white then brownish tongue, the characteristic thirst, the sharp pains in the tardy development of the rashes, occurring perhaps sin blotches and resembling that of measles, or a disappearing rash with possibly delirium on waking, Bryonia will do good service.
  5. Ailanthus. [Ail]
  6. This is a most potent antidote to malignant scarlet fever and suits especially severe cases.
  7. Rhus toxicodendron. [Rhus-t]
  8. A most useful remedy in adynamic forms of scarlet fever. Here the child is restless, drowsy, has a red and smooth tongue, oedematous fauces, the parotids are especially apt to swell or suppurate, the eruption does not come out well, and when it does come out is is miliary.
  9. Lachesis. [Lach]
  10. This remedy suits forms of the disease having a malignant tendency; the child is drowsy and the rash comes out imperfectly and slowly, is dark interspersed with a miliary rash; the throat is inflamed, the cervical glands are swollen, the tongue is dirty yellow.
  11. Ammonium carbonicum. [Am-c]
  12. This is also a useful remedy in scarlet fever. The throat is swollen internally and externally,the glands are enlarged, the tonsils are swollen and bluish and the child is drowsy.
  13. Zincum. [Zinc]
  14. Zincum will be needed in certain enervated children who become restless and delirious, or else are quit and unconscious and very weak, too weak in fat to develop an eruption, and as a result of this non-development of the eruption brain symptoms, such as meningitis with sharp pains through the head, supervene.