Homeopathic practitioners are forbidden by law in the United States to claim that homeopathic treatment can cure syphilis.

  1. The remedies suggested most frequently are Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Mercurius vivus, and Aurum.
  2. The use of Mercurius vivus as a homeopathic remedy reflects the past use of mercury to treat syphilis prior to the discovery of penicillin.
  3. Syphilinum represents a class of homeopathic remedy called nosodes.
  4. A nosode is a homeopathic medicine made from diseased material, such as bacteria, viruses, or pus. Its effect is based on the homeopathic law of similars, in which a substance that causes a specific set of symptoms in a healthy person is determined curative when given to a sick person with the same symptoms.
  5. Syphilinum is a nosode made from a dilution of killed Treponema pallidum.