Perhaps no remedy presents a clearer picture of a typical case of typhoid fever than Baptisia, yet it is far from being indicated in every case.

  1. Rhus toxicodendron. [Rhus-t] - Rhus in another remedy thoroughly suitable for the typhoid state. It comes in when a putrid decomposition of fluids takes place.
  2. Bryonia. [Bry] - This is one of the great typhoid fever remedies, and is sooner or later, indicated in a majority of cases of the disease.
  3. Arnica. [Arn] - Arnica frequently fits in this disease most usefully. It has many symptoms common to Baptisia and Rhus, yet its individual symptoms are marked.
  4. Arsenicum. [Ars] - This is one of the remedies for typhoid fever when the case begins to looks "bad"; but it is hardly ever indicated in the beginning of the disease.
  5. Cinchona [Chin] - Has some similarity to Arsenicum in its debility, and it has also a tympanitic condition of the abdomen; and Colchicum should not be overlooked.
  6. Carbo vegetabilis. [Carb-v] - This is another low down remedy; suitable when there is a giving out of vital forces and the patient seems on the brink of dissolution and lies pulseless and cold; feet and legs, especially below the knees, are cold.
  7. Lachesis. [Lach] - This is a remedy also indicated in the later stages of typhoid, where the patient is in a stuporous condition; lower haw dropped, perhaps a low muttering or loquacious delirium; all showing a tendency to cerebral paralysis; diarrhoea is present, and, like the preceding remedy, is offensive.
  8. Muriatic acid. [Mur-ac] - Great weakness characterizes this remedy, great foetor of the breath, and ulceration of the mucous membrane.
  9. Gelsemium. [Gels] - This is a remedy often indicated in the first stage, and especially in comparatively mild cases.
  10. Phosphoric acid. [Ph-ac] - Under this remedy we have characteristically sensorial depression, indifference and perfect apathy, but out of this condition he is easily aroused and is perfectly rational.
  11. Hyoscyamus. [Hyos] - This remedy is quite likely to be required sooner or later in typhoid fever, for some symptoms at least; that is, there are times when it will accord with totality.