These are some of the neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio.

  1. Short North
  2. Victorian Village
  3. The Hilltop
  4. The OSU Campus area
  5. San Margherita
  6. Old Towne East
  7. Berwick
  8. Hungarian Village
  9. Merion Village
  10. Steelton
  11. Milo Grogan
  12. Linden
  13. Italian Village
  14. Weinland Park
  15. Olde Town East
  16. Grandview-Marble Cliff
  17. Seagrave
  18. University View
  19. Valleyview
  20. New Rome
  21. Urbancrest
  22. Minerva Park
  23. Huber Ridge
  24. Mifflinville
  25. Linworth
  26. Riverlea
  27. Northland
  28. Olentangy
  29. Amlin
  30. Lincoln Village
  31. Alton
  32. <b>German Village</b>: South of downtown, was settled by German immigrants in the mid 1800s, who comprised as much as 1/3 of the population of the entire city.
  33. <b>Franklinton (The Bottoms)</b>: Bordered by the Scioto River on the east and north, Greenlawn Ave. on the south, and I-70 on the west.
  34. <b>Clintonville</b>: Area north of the OSU campus area to the village of Riverlea and to the edge of the city of Worthington.
  35. <b>Flytown</b>
  36. <b>Driving Park</b>: Centered around Livingston Avenue, area bordered by I-70 on the north, Norfolk &amp; Western Railroad on the east, Whittier St. on the south, and Studer Ave on the west.
  37. <b>Briggsdale</b>: The area of South Hilltop and the northern Southwest side.
  38. <b>Eastmoor</b>
  39. <b>Arena District</b>: 75-acre, mixed-use urban infill, master planned development located in downtown Columbus with Chicago-style architecture.
  40. <b>Brewery District</b>: South of the central business district, the area has a history stretching nearly 200 years.
  41. <b>Cherry Creek</b>: On the westside of Columbus, contains the Lincoln Park and the Westview apartments.
  42. <b>Downtown</b>: The Central Business District of Columbus. The area centers around Broad Street and High Street.
  43. <b>Eastland</b>: Centered around Eastland Mall, this area is located just south of I-70, while the I-270 outerbelt splits right through the area.