The following are some advantages and disadvantages for using straw or hay as mulch. Based on your own knowldege and experience, feel free to add to this list.

  1. straw is the leftover stem portion of harvested grain. Hay is the stem portion of grasses and is often confused with straw.
  2. both straw and hay are good plant nutrients (pro)
  3. both straw and hey work well in the vegetable garden where weeds can easily be pulled (pro)
  4. straw makes a good cover for newly-seeded lawn areas (pro)
  5. staw is lightweight and therefore not always easy to apply (con)
  6. straw tends to blow around (con)
  7. straw decomposes quickly and therefore needs replacing more often than other mulches (con)
  8. straw ppearance may not make it a top choice for the landscape (con)
  9. hay is likely to contain weed seeds, so use it with caution (con)