Handy information for preparing the foundation for a Deck.

  1. Use string to lay out the shape of deck.
  2. Drive stakes or batterboards into the ground about 12' to 18' beyond the approximate locations of the corner posts. (WHAT DO YOU MEAN ON ADJACENT SIDES?). Stakes should be the height of the ledger board.
  3. Find the exact location for the center of the post by measuring out from wall of the house. Hammer a nail into the ledger board in line with the center of the corner post. (IS THE EXACT LOCATION OF THE CORNER POST KNOWN?) at the left side of the deck.
  4. Tie a string to the nail, then stretch it to the batter board at the opposite corner of the layout.
  5. Square string using the 3-4-5 method (see Tips below), then attach to the stake. This will make sure that the layout is square and that all of your measurements are equal and true. WHAT ARE YOU ACCOMPLISHING HERE?
  6. Repeat above steps for the right side.
  7. Mark the location of the corner post on each string, checking that the string is level.
  8. Stretch a string parallel to the house and between these two corner points to mark the outer edge of the deck. Check for level and fasten to stakes. <Yes but the strings still intersect at the point over the post position>(AREN'T THE STAKES FARTHER OUT THAN THE ACTUAL EDGE OF THE DECK WILL BE?)
  9. Measure diagonals and adjust strings until diagonals are even.
  10. Line up plumb bob where strings cross.
  11. Drop bob to ground level and mark on ground with colored string on a nail. This will be the center of the hole for that corner post.
  12. Repeat for other side.
  13. Measure along outer string line to mark locations of other posts (be sure tape measure is level).
  14. Mark other post locations with plumb bob and colored string.