Who would have thought the United States Department of Agriculture would provide tips on how to proofread report and documents? Well they did and here they are:

  1. Proofreading errors are often found:
  2. near beginnings or endings of sentences
  3. in proper nouns
  4. in long words
  5. near the bottom of the page
  6. in number combinations
  7. Watch for the following errors:
  8. doubling small words (if, in, as, by, be)
  9. omission of one of a pair of doubled letters (omitted)
  10. substitution of one small word for another (an for on, in for on)
  11. transposition of words within sentences
  12. transposition of letters within words
  13. omission of a closing quotation mark, bracket, or parenthesis
  14. Beat those proofreading blues by:
  15. taking short breaks
  16. exercising regularly
  17. eating light meals as needed
  18. asking for help when proofreading
  19. Proofreading "MUSTS":
  20. accuracy is top priority
  21. proofread each document at least three times
  22. proofread numbers aloud
  23. use straight edge
  24. distance yourself from the document
  25. use contrasting colors of ink when making corrections (blue, green, purple)