The following are some advantages and disadvantages for using plastic as mulch. Based on your own knowldege and experience, feel free to add to this list.

  1. warms the soil (pro)
  2. blocks air and water (pro)
  3. well-suited for use in vegetable garden (pro)
  4. accelerated plant growth by the added heat and moisture retained underneath the mulch layer (pro)
  5. solid, moisture must be provided by an irrigation system or careful hand watering (con)
  6. black plastic is impervious to light for weed control (pro)
  7. clear plastic has been known to let weeds germinate and grow beneath (con)
  8. can overheat the plant's roots (con)
  9. can retain too much moisture if the plastic is covered with a layer of organic mulch for appearance sake (con)
  10. can freeze, so you may need to take it up in the fall (con)
  11. if used on slopes, any material placed on top will wash away or slide off (con)
  12. disposal of plastic mulch considered by some an environmental issue (con)