Once you receive a job offer, you are faced with a difficult decision and must evaluate the offer carefully. Fortunately, most organizations will not expect you to accept or reject an offer immediately. There are many issues to consider when assessing a job.

  1. Will the organization be a good place to work?
  2. Will the job be interesting?
  3. Are there opportunities for advancement?
  4. Is the salary fair?
  5. Does the employer offer good benefits?
  6. Does the organization’s business or activity match your own interests and beliefs?
  7. How will the size of the organization affect you?
  8. Should you work for a relatively new organization or one that is well established?
  9. Does it make a difference if the company is private or public?
  10. What is the nature of the job – is it attractive?
  11. Where is the job located?
  12. Does the work match your interests and make good use of your skills?
  13. How important is the job in this company?
  14. Are you comfortable with the hours?
  15. What are the opportunities offered by the employer in addition to the job?
  16. Are the salaries and benefits competitive and in line with your expectations?