Millions of people are unintentionally poisoned every year. Here are some facts you should know:

  1. A poison is any substance that can cause an unintended symptom.
  2. Every 30 seconds a child is poisoned in the United States.
  3. Sixty percent of all poisonings occur to children under the age of six.
  4. Many poisonings occur when the daily household routine has been disrupted. An example of this would be having a babysitter.
  5. The most common products involved in poisonings are drugs (prescription and over-the- counter), household and chemical products, plants and cosmetics.
  6. Be aware that childproof caps are not really CHILD PROOF. They are only child resistant and if a child is given enough time they will open the container.
  7. Keep in mind that products may have incorrect or out-of-date first aid instructions.
  8. It is very important to call the Poison Control Center or a doctor right away.
  9. In addition, you may contact your local Poison Control Center to obtain poison prevention materials that may include additional information on emergency management.