To decrease the amount of fat in your cooking. Instead of: Choose:

  1. Whole milk Nonfat milk
  2. Evaporated milk Evaporated nonfat milk
  3. Ice cream Low-fat frozen yogurt
  4. Sour cream Low-fat sour cream
  5. Whole milk yogurt Nonfat yogurt
  6. Cream cheese Neufchatel cheese
  7. Whole milk cottage cheese Low-fat cottage cheese
  8. Cheese Reduced-fat cheese
  9. 1 whole egg 2 egg whites or egg substitute
  10. Margarine Non-sticking cooking spray
  11. Regular salad dressing Light salad dressing
  12. Mayonnaise Reduced-fat mayonnaise
  13. Tuna packed in oil Tuna packed in water
  14. Bacon: Canadian bacon
  15. Skinless chicken (dark meat): Skinless chicken (white meat)
  16. Ground beef: Ground round
  17. Ground beef: Ground turkey
  18. Chocolate: Cocoa powder
  19. Pastry crust: Graham cracker crust