Steps to help you with changing the window screens!!

  1. Remove the window screen from the window frame.
  2. Place it on a hard surface large enough to support the entire unit.
  3. Pull the rubber edging out from the old screen. This separates the screen from the frame.
  4. Pull out the old screening.
  5. Measure the new screening from a roll of replacement material.
  6. Measure to the outer edge of the screen frame, then leave a bit more all the way around.
  7. Lay the screening down on the frame.
  8. Measure and cut a length of new rubber edging that will reach all the way around the four edges of the screen.
  9. Use a screen rolling tool - it looks like a small pizza cutter - and, starting in a corner, press the rubber edging slowly but firmly back into the groove, sandwiching the screening into the frame.
  10. Work all the way around the screen.
  11. Trim any excess screen material with a sharp razor knife.
  12. Put the screen back in the window.