information on diferent rooms in a house

  1. Dining room- this is a place where people sit down . usally if a guest comes these is the place where they sit normally.It is not a personal room
  2. Bed room-this is a room where people this room normally things are there like closets ,cupboards etc. some people put entertaining stuff like television,computer,music system etc. these room can be a personal room if wanted
  3. Master bed room- this is the biggest room in the house. Normally parents sleep in this room.
  4. Study room- this is a room for studying. There books all around and there is a study table
  5. Kitchen- this is a place where food is cooked
  6. Bath room- a place where you can have a shower and remove your waste product
  7. Guest room- this is a extra room in a house where guest can stay