Do you know how safe your home is? Check for these issues on a regular basis to make sure you don't become a part of the 20% of home injuries. Have I missed any? Add them to this...

  1. Gas Leaks - including carbon monoxide, natural gas, and radon
  2. Fungi and Mold - sick building syndrom (sds), especially vulnerable are kids, the elderly, and people with HIV
  3. Bacteria and Viruses - vulnerable spots include food surfaces and toys
  4. Household Chemicals - one word "poison"
  5. Pests - mice, fleas, rats - all which carry diseases.
  6. Hidden Fire Hazards - there are over 150 thousand fires a year. Look for fire starter issues like heat lamps, poor electrical wiring, smoking (especially in bed or on a couch) etc.
  7. Stairs and ladders - anything that helps you go up can also cause you to fall down, and fast!
  8. Slippery floors - many people, especially the elderly hit their head when they fall, causing severe trauma and sometimes death