Preventive maintenance is the key to a healthy lawn. Follow these easy steps and you will see nothing but green:

  1. Good soil preparation (if you are seeding a new lawn)
  2. Seed the lawn and don’t forget the fertilizer
  3. Control crabgrass – start early in the spring before seeds germinate
  4. Control broadleaf weeds – dandelions are pretty…but not in your yard
  5. Water the lawn only when needed – to encourage deep growth it is OK for the top to be a little dry
  6. Control lawn insects – grubs, chinch bugs and ants, oh my. These bugs could destroy your lawn. Watch for them and stop them in their tracks.
  7. Correct lawn mower height – depending on the time of year you should be adjusting the blade on the mower. It is OK for the lawn to get a little long.
  8. Avoid weed killers if you don’t need them – a little fertilizer goes a long way and might be all you need
  9. Rake leaves onto the grass – they are a great fertilizer
  10. Feed the lawn in the fall – this is the most important time of the year to care for your yard so don’t give up just because it is the end of the mowing season.