Sports in general is overhyped. Its just part of the business. Players, teams, coaches and organizations all have personalities and all have drama. However, some sports events are extremely overrated and overhyped for the actual drama that it usually contains. Here is a list of the most overrated sporting events.

  1. Indy 500 - can you name one racer besides an Andretti?
  2. BCS college bowl system - needs to be a playoff system!
  3. Any boxing match involving Mike Tyson - Okay, not in his prime (those were amazing fights) ... but anything lately isn't worth the $5 you throw in at your buddies to order it on PPV
  4. Heisman Trophy Ceremony - they never make it as pro's
  5. French Open - who cares if you can play tennis on clay. Do you they play NBA games on asphalt?
  6. Pro Bowl - the players even admit it is overrated
  7. NBA All-Star Game - it is basically a show - an attempt to make it on Sportscenter (Okay.. until the last 5 minutes if it is a close game - they can't hide their instincts for competition forever)
  8. NIT Tournament - it is a consolation tournament of the worst teams in college
  9. Major conference postseason hoops tournaments - Most of the good teams don't mind losing early so they can rest before the REAL tournament
  10. PGA Championship - I don't know if it is the timing or what, but I watch every other major intently except this one
  11. Army-Navy football game - it is a thing of the past
  12. Heavyweight championship fight weigh-ins - two men in their undies staring at each other is not good TV
  13. NBA slam dunk contest - the stars don't compete anymore. Jordan v. Nique was entertaining. Green v. Robinson (WHO v WHO?) is not!
  14. Olympics - TOO MUCH! too many channels, too many countries, too many competitions, too many rounds, too many medals
  15. The final race of the NASCAR post-season - the season is basically decided 3 weeks earlier